Monday, 23 May 2011

Tumblr, A Waste of Time

I've noticed some of my mates use this site called tumblr. I checked it out a bit over the last week or so and have come to this conclusion: it's a bloody waste of cyberspace. All that fills up those blogs on tumblr is pictures of random sh*t. They think they r 2 kool 4 skool or something. At least on this blog i actually write words that mean something when you put them together. People these days, ey. They spend too much time looking at pictures of pretty places and pretending to be all romantic.

Once a upon a time, people were in pretty places and were being romantic.


  1. gotta agree with you, the web is less and less reading and more and more watching :( what could have been an international gigantic library and forum will just become a globalized TV.

  2. Indeed, you're right, dont like it either..

  3. Some tumblr are nice, some are just useless